I want to study in a university in Turkey. What should I do?

In order to study at Turkish Universities, candidates should take the International Student Exam (YÖS) or take one of the internationally valid exams and have the exam results and baccalaureate specified in the international student application and admission directive of the desired university.

What do I have to do to be an international student at OMU

First of all, you have meet the international student application and admission terms specified on our official website Candidates who have the annually organized OMÜ-YÖS exam results are given priority in applications and acceptance. Other international and national exam results which are specified in the “Ondokuz Mayıs University Application and Admission Directive” are also accepted as valid. You can apply during the selection term with the OMÜ-YÖS result or the result of one of the valid exam results.

You can reach the “Ondokuz Mayıs University Application and Admission Directive” and detailed information on the exam through

Which universities can I apply to with an OMU-YÖS result?

Please check our website for a detailed list of universities that accept OMU-YÖS results (

Which YÖS results do you accept?

OMU accepts the YÖS results of universities that accept OMU-YÖS results. You can find the list of these universities in

Does Ondokuz Mayıs University grant scholarships?

No. However, within the specified quotas, our university provides food aids to our students with a low income. Students who will receive food aids are determined following the evaluation of the applications collected by the Faculties, Schools and Vocational Schools and Head of Health Culture and Sports is notified.

Can we receive scholarships from other institutions?

Successful students who need financial support can receive scholarships from various institutions, corporations, foundations, associations and companies (scholarships given by institutions, corporations, foundations, associations, and companies should be followed by the students themselves). 

For “Türkiye Scholarships” please visit

For “Higher Education Loans and Dormitories Institution” scholarships, applications should be made on the institutions’ website

Can candidates studying at the 1st and 2nd grade of high school apply to OMÜ-YÖS?

High school seniors (candidates at the last grade of high school) or those who have graduated from high school can apply to OMÜ-YÖS.

I do not have a passport, can I still apply for OMU-YÖS?

Candidates may apply with an identification number. But please bear in mind that a passport is mandatory for going abroad. You cannot enter another country without a passport.

Can I enroll as an undergraduate transfer student at OMU?

Yes you can apply to do so if you have the required undergraduate transfer qualifications specified by the university and within the frame of quota specified by the Directorate of Student Affairs (Registrar’s Office).

I want to change my department. Can I do it?

You have to repeat the selection application process between the dates specified in the academic calendar to change your department.

I am a medical faculty graduate but the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK) does not accept the equivalency of the university I have graduated from. Can I complete courses in your university?

No. You should take OMÜ-YÖS exam and receive the sufficient grade for admission to OMU Faculty of Medicine and meet the requirements.

I want to apply to two or more universities at once. Do you accept photocopies of documents?

No, the documents submitted for application must either be originals or certified true copies. However, certified photocopies are accepted during application to International Student Admission Quota (selection applications). The documents can be certified as true copy upon submission of the originals or certified true copies.

I have studied high school abroad. Do I need to present an equivalency certificate for the registration?

An equivalency certificate regarding the completion of secondary education which is equal to high schools in Turkey is needed for the exact registration. Equivalence procedures are carried out by the related Turkish Embassy or Consulate or by the Ministry of National Education.

Can an international student work in a part-time job?

Legally, international students should obtain a work permit in order to work. Students can work as a trainee on their fields of study upon taking a student certificate or traineeship certificate from their departments.

Is any documentation needed during exam application?

No documentation is needed during application. After the exam, however, certain documents are required during selection applications and exact registration. Which documents are required will be announced when the selection application starts.

It is essential that candidates read the application terms and exam guide published on our official exam webpage ( during exam application.

How and when can I apply for OMU-YÖS?

OMU-YÖS applications are taken online and application dates and requirements are announced in Students who meet the required qualifications as specified in our website, can apply for the exam.

What is your medium of instruction?

The medium of instruction of our university is Turkish. However, there are programmes in the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences where the medium of instruction is English.

What should I do after the exam? How are the selections done?

You need to carry out the selection process after OMÜ-YÖS results are published. Selections are accepted online by the Directorate of Student Affairs (Registrar’s Office). Please follow the website for our announcements about the selection application process.


Candidates with a sufficient score from the exam have to make selection application with the exam result. Selection applications are accepted online by the Directorate of Student Affairs (Registrar’s Office) between the dates specified in the exam calendar.

The candidates must have the following OMU-YOS test scores: A minimum of 60 for faculties with a school year of 5 or more, a minimum of 55 for undergraduate programmes, a minimum of 40 for associate degree programmes, and a minimum of 35 points for departments/programmes that accept students with special talent exams.

The candidates must have the following OMU-YOS test scores for the second placement period: A minimum of 50 for faculties with a school year of 5 or more, a minimum of 45 for undergraduate programmes, a minimum of 35 for associate degree programmes, and a minimum of 30 for departments/programmes that accept students with special talent exams.


A-With Numerical Score Type;

Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Faculty of Science and Letters (Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics), Faculty of Education (Teacher Training in Computer Sciences and Teaching Technologies, Teacher Training in Biology, Teacher Training in Mathematics, Teacher Training in Sciences, Teacher Training in Mathematics at Primary School Level), Yeşilyurt Demirçelik Vocational School 

B-With Equal-Weight Score Type;

Ali Fuat Basgil Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Education (Teacher Training in German, Teacher Training in French, Teacher Training in English, Teacher Training at Pre-School Level, Psychological Counselling and Guidance, Teacher Training at Primary School Level), Faculty of Science and Letters (Archaeology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology), Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Fine Arts, Yaşar Doğu Faculty of Sports Sciences, Vocational School of Health Services, School of Civil Aviation, Samsun Vocational School, Alaçam Vocational School, Çarşamba Commodity Exchange Vocational School, Bafra Vocational School, Havza Vocational School, Terme Vocational School, Kavak Vocational School, Vezirköprü Vocational School

C- With Basic Learning Skills Score Type; 
Faculty of Divinity, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Education (Teacher Training for the Hearing-Impaired, Teacher Training in Social Studies, Teacher Training in Turkish, Teacher Training for the Mentally Challenged, Teacher Training for Music, Teacher Training for Arts and Crafts), State Conservatory, Faculty of Science and Letters (Geography, History of Art, History, Turkish Language and Literature), Vocational School of Justice, Faculty of Tourism   

How much is your tuition fee?

Tuition fees are determined annually in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers and differ with regards to preferred programme. Please visit for detailed information.

Can international students benefit from the exchange programmes?

Yes. International students can benefit from Erasmus+, Mevlana, and Farabi Programmes. You can check for detailed information.

What is a residence permit? How can I acquire it?

Briefly, a residence permit is the certificate you need in order to stay in a foreign country for extended periods. International students whose applications are accepted and thus have qualified for exact registration can get a residence permit by applying to Samsun Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. For the appointment e-residence online application should be made from the web site:

Documents needed for a residence permit for educational purposes:

  • Residence Permit Application Form
  • The originals and photocopies of passport or document equivalent to passport
  • Four (4) passport photos
  • Declaration of financial guarantee showing that the student has the financial means to meet the needs for the duration of stay.
  • A valid health insurance
  • A student certificate showing that the person can utilize from the rights of a student
Do I need to get a Health Insurance?

Yes. International students who come to study with their own means are required to have a health insurance valid in Turkey and covering their medical costs.

According to Act No. 82 of the Law No: 5510; international students in Turkish universities are entitled to have a General Health Insurance upon request and payment of the premium.  

Having a General Health Insurance is highly recommended for the students in order to prevent any problems about medical examination and treatment processes during their education. International students who have already enrolled and started their studies at a Turkish university after 29.05.2013 are entitled to have a General Health Insurance upon their written request on condition that they make the request within three months from their registration date. Applications should be made to Provincial Directorate of Social Security/Social Security Center.

International students are registered in General Health Insurance System for one (1) year after they make their application and submit their student certificate which states the day of first registration to the University. The insurance will be effective by the date of application.

Please note that, within the scope of this law, international students who do not make the General Health Insurance application within the time period indicated above will not be entitled to have the General Health Insurance for entire period of their studies. For this reason it is important to apply to Provincial Directorate of Social Security within 3 months from the date of registration to University.

Is a certificate of competency in Turkish language required for exact registration?

Yes. You need to submit a certificate of competency in Turkish language at C1 level. Applicants who do not have such a certificate can take the Turkish Language Proficiency Test held by the Ondokuz Mayıs University Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Center (OMU-TURKCE).

How can students without Turkish competency learn Turkish after they are accepted to university? Have you got a Turkish course?

Turkish Language Teaching Certificate Programmes are held by OMU-TURKCE for students who wish to learn Turkish. A period of one year to learn Turkish is given to students who are accepted to the university but are not competent in Turkish.

Can we apply for dormitories?

Yes. You can get detailed information on accommodation through

How can I deliver my questions and problems about OMÜ-YÖS?

You can submit all your questions and problems about OMÜ-YÖS procedures to our official e-mail address Your e-mails are answered daily.